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We offer wide range distribution service packages. Terms and conditions differs as some artist might have already started distributing music or might have signed up with other services. As such we will need a full disclosure of such detail.

We outsource some services, but this will not affect the artist nor brands, your contract with us will not be affected by third party partners.  We assure you best service, distributing online and promoting your music or brand.

CD, T-shirts, Posters
Royalty  Collection
Audio Distribution Service

This is where it gets very ugly, some of this services are subject to a third party agreement. We may assign you an agent who is freelancing but affiliates with us and whom  is subcontracted to us. Therefore you will be notified if your contract is handled internally or outsourced, before signing up.

If you just want to affiliate with Soulshifters Entertainment, but handle all management and production task and cost, there is a Freelance Light Deal that you can  sign. It will allow you to trade with our name or brand and use our marketing strategies, it allows you to  keep all your royalties unless stated otherwise in the contract.

DJ affiliation Or Agent
Gig  Promotions

Artist / brand


We oferr DJ Srvicec Fo Elite Comtravt No Strings Attached
Gig  Promotions
Other Services
Demo Audio Submission
Mixtape  Submissions
Feature My Track Submission

Most artists make music, but end up not knowing  which steps to take next. Let us be your next step. We promise, to listen, evaluate, and potentially offer you a contract, if your music’s quality is on bar with Soulshifters quality standards.

We  will also submit your demo to our partners and other labels, if you give us  consent. Soulshifters has teamed up with other labels who are looking for rare authentic sound. We are not Genre Specific, we are here to serve you, and help you climb the media ladder.

Demo Submissions How can we help you?

Look around and explore our range of services. Our Team works hard to  deliver  the results no matter the conditions. If you are  vocalist, instrument player, we have special packages, that will suit your needs. Artists, bands and DJ’s  we also have suitable packages that will not bind you in a long contract, you can even propose your own terms. Will treat you as an individual not a group.

Best service for a lifetime
Digital Music License